Challenges of Globalisation and Sustainability

Europe and Worldwide

The twenty-first century, which began around twenty years ago, has recorded huge growth in information networks with ever-increasing data mobility. However, despite economic globalisation, the world economy experienced a harsh blow in 2008. 

The subprime mortgage crisis in the USA triggered an international recession, comparable to the Great Depression after 1929. We have also observed rising awareness that the exploitation of natural resources is one of the main causes of global warming and climate change.

Switzerland and Ticino

The twenty-first century has also seen Switzerland come face to face with globalisation. The confederation has cautiously softened its strict neutral politics and has opened up to various international initiatives. 

The AlpTransit project required a major financial and technological investment in order to construct new base railway tunnels that make it possible to transfer goods transport from road to rail and also offer better mobility solutions for passengers crossing the Alps.

2000 - Un’azienda privata Usa annuncia di aver decifrato l’intera sequenza del genoma umano
2013 - Si punta a una sempre maggiore integrazione della robotica nei processi produttivi industriali
2008 - A Pavagada in India viene inaugurato un parco fotovoltaico da record. Ha una potenza di 2 gigawatt

Technology, Science, Customs and Society

2035 - Si moltiplicano le esperienze di realtà virtuale
2050 - Il primo essere umano avrà messo piede su Marte?

The twenty-first century is recording major progress in automation and in the development of so-called artificial intelligence (AI), even creating driverless cars. People have therefore started talking about industry 4.0 and the Internet of things.

2020 - Banksy è considerato uno dei maggiori esponenti della street art Girl With Balloon 2002
2004 - Mark Zuckerberg assieme ad altri programmatori lancia il social network Facebook

In the near future, objects will be ever-more closely connected in networks and will communicate with each other and with people.

2008 - Barack Obama viene eletto presidente degli Usa
Nasce la società Uber, con Airbnb e altre piattaforme digitali apre alla sharing economy