to the Terre del Ceneri

The Via del Ceneri

A fascinating itinerary embracing history, environment
and culture on a mountain that unites.

An itinerary for discovering what the pass has represented for centuries. A link between the Sopraceneri and Sottoceneri, a place of passage for traders, merchants and pilgrims. The Ceneri forests were home to the “bread of the poor”, while its woods saw the development of a rural civilisation that enjoyed a sustainable relationship with the environment, as illustrated by the many structures and buildings saved from oblivion. A community based on the changing seasons and solidarity.


The project has received important backing from Swiss Confederation and Canton of Ticino departments and a significant contribution from Ceneri 2020, and is promoted by the Republic and Canton of Ticino, SBB, the city of Bellinzona, the city of Lugano, the city of Locarno and the partners APG/SGA, Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino, Stadler, Ticino Turismo, ABB, al Porto, Chicco d’Oro and Pandinavia. The Via del Ceneri has also signed up numerous foundations and associations and enjoys the support of Ticino Turismo and the Regional Tourism Organisations of the Bellinzonese and Alto Ticino, Ascona-Locarno and the Lugano Region.

Ticino, Svizzera