New Railway Link through the Alps

2000 - 2050

In various votes held at the end of the twentieth century, the Swiss people declared themselves to be in favour of transferring transalpine goods traffic from road to rail. This decision was perceived to be more ecological, efficient and less invasive. This led to the development of the New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA or AlpTransit), which involved a total investment of around 23 billion Swiss francs.

Perforazioni di sondaggio nella sacca di Piora
Votazione sulla NFTA, i toni accesi della campagna nel Cantone di Uri

There is no realistic alternative to the NRLA 

Federal Council, explanations regarding the popular vote of 1992 

Il cantiere per il portale nord a Vigana della Galleria di base del Ceneri

The first base tunnel to be completed as part of the AlpTransit project was the Lötschberg tunnel. It is 34.6 km long and came into operation on 9 December 2007. 

Caduta del diaframma tra Trias e Raron
Inaugurazione della galleria di base del Lötschberg
Un ETR 610 ad assetto variabile prima della corsa di prova nella galleria di base del Lötschberg