All Aboard

1850 - 1900

The industrial growth of the early nineteenth century created the perfect conditions for the development of the railway. However, people also developed a fascination with the new means of transport right from the outset and railways recorded growing passenger traffic. Most trains offered three classes of transport. 

Un vagone d’epoca con compartimenti per passeggeri di seconda classe, 1904 - © FFS Historic
Un vagone d’epoca con compartimenti per passeggeri di prima classe, 1904 - © FFS Historic

Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take, No matter where it’s going

Edna St Vincent Millay  

Poster che promuove l’itinerario da Londra a Istanbul (Costantinopoli), 1888
Illustrazione d’epoca della sala da pranzo del Orient Express

The long-distance Orient Express made its debut in 1883, initially linking Paris to Romania via Vienna, before later terminating in Istanbul. Two segments – the Simplon Orient-Express and the Arlberg Orient-Express – also passed through Switzerland.