Church of San Leonardo 

The church of San Leonardo stands alongside the road that climbs up from Robasacco towards the chestnut woods, along the Via del Ceneri. A church dedicated to St Leonard has been documented here since 1205. 

 Initially the saint’s name was also used to indicate the village on the terrace adjacent to the Via del Ceneri. The religious site was gifted to the four municipalities of Bironico, Rivera, Camignolo and Medeglia by the noble Rusca family, who lived in Bironico. The church was completely rebuilt in 1593, when a bell gable was added. In 1870 the bell tower was erected and a second bell was installed. 

The church has a single aisle with the entrance door to the north and the apse to the south. Behind the altar is a beautiful wooden crucifix that was restored in 2000 and stands out for the fact it features a bald-headed Jesus Christ.