Ceneri Base Tunnel

2000 - 2050

The Ceneri Base Tunnel, which is 15.4 km long, completes AlpTransit’s St Gotthard axis in Ticino. The tunnel has been in use since December 2020 and took twelve years to build, costing a total of 3.6 billion francs.

Il 21 gennaio 2016 i minatori poterono festeggiare l’abbattimento del diaframma principale © AlpTransit SA
© AlpTransit SA

The completion of AlpTransit has boosted Switzerland’s railway and traffic transfer policy. The Ceneri Base Tunnel marks an end and a new beginning for an attractive railway! 

Simonetta Sommaruga (federal councillor) 

Il tunnel di base del Monte Ceneri - © AlpTransit SA

In addition to the new base tunnels, Switzerland also invested 1.7 billion francs in improving access to the base tunnels, focusing particularly on new signal systems that make it possible to reduce the intervals between trains, and on small expansions.  

Il portale del tunnel a Camorino - © AlpTransit SA
Il treno Giruno sull’asse del San Gottardo - © FFS
Un treno merci sull’asse del Gottardo- © FFS