River Ticino

Until the mid-nineteenth century, Magadino Plain was a marshy, unhealthy area (malaria was only eradicated in the nineteenth century). The River Ticino was not controlled and flooded the plain along with the other tributaries in the event of heavy rain. Reclamation work was carried out in the twentieth century, creating one of the canton’s main agricultural zones.

Do you want to prove you have green fingers?

When someone gives you a rose, don’t throw it away after it has wilted.

Remove the leaves so that just the stalk remains. Cut it at a 45-degree angle, then make a hole in a potato, using a corkscrew for example, and insert the stalk into it. Bury the potato in a pot and cover the protruding part of the stalk with a plastic bottle with no lid and the bottom removed. This will act like a little greenhouse.

Water the soil for several days and wait. The stalk will start to sprout and will eventually produce flowers.