From Road to Railway

The road that passed through Cadenazzo, which was a meeting place between the route to the harbour in Magadino and the Via del Ceneri, characterised life in the town for many years. Pilgrims, soldiers, messengers and students all travelled through. The arrival of the Cadenazzo railway confirmed it as a meeting place for travellers.

Would you like to have a pilgrim’s flask?

Simply get hold of a Lagenaria siceraria, also known as the calabash plant. This climber is part of the squash family and produces fruits with a characteristic figure-of-eight shape, with a smaller sphere above and a larger one below, joined by a neck of variable thickness. If you leave them to dry, all the flesh from the gourd disappears and the outer skin hardens. Once that has happened, just use a drill to make a hole in top so that you can remove the seeds. Now find a cork of the right size to close the hole.