Chapel of the Madonna di Lourdes

The chapel of the Madonna di Lourdes in Robasacco is an example of popular devotion that has succeeded in renewing itself over the decades. Situated alongside the ancient route that leads to Cadenazzo, beneath the town hall, it was built in 1851 at the behest of Don Francesco Rizzoli. Parish priest of Robasacco for forty-seven years, Rizzoli was particularly well-loved for his devotion to the poor, but he also left tangible signs of the local community’s devotion to the Marian cult, such as this little chapel devoted to the Our Lady of Lourdes. 

After his death, the votive building was abandoned and did not receive the necessary maintenance, so that it risked becoming a ruin. However, in 1933, the then parish priest Don Prada undertook to restore the small building. Then, in the 1970s, it was restored again by a parishioner called Rinaldo Richina, who had returned from California. A beautiful story of affection and dedication to popular history, culture and religion.